Tess Waresmith

Creative problem solver, experienced writer, and lifetime learner.

I’ve always been a hard-working athlete and professional. I love setting big goals and knocking them down. Historically I’ve been so focused on the competition, winning the award, or getting the promotion, that I didn’t always realize that there were a few things I loved doing just because I enjoyed the process and not in an attempt to reach a clear finish line.

If the foreshadowing on this website wasn’t clear enough, writing is one of those activities. I loved writing in school. I’d rather labor over a paper for hours then take a 30 minute test. I regularly volunteer to write blog posts for friends businesses and for the incredible organization I currently work at. I’ll quickly raise my hand to edit a long email or project, no matter how much work is on my plate.

“It is only by selection, elimination, and emphasis, that we get to the real meaning of things.” – Georgia O’Keefe

I also write for myself – to learn, to work through ideas, to build self-awareness, and for cathartic reasons of course.

On tessitory.com you can find samples of my writing, links to blog posts, and my personal blog. If you need help writing inspiring, concise content for your business get in touch.

Contact me: tess.waresmith@gmail.comĀ 

Thanks for visiting! Regardless of the reason you have stumbled on to this page, I hope you take some time to figure out what process brings you the most joy and to create a way for you to regularly connect with that passion.